VIVO Welcomes Two New Staff Members!

VIVO is pleased to announce the appointment of Clark Henderson our new Video Out Technician + Distribution Assistant and Audrey MacDonald our new Media Art Collections Assistant!

Clark Henderson is a founding member of PAVED artist run centre in Saskatoon and comes to VIVO with many years of experience in both commercial and independent productions.

At VIVO he’ll be capturing old tapes for the archives, sending out works to festivals and all sorts of other things.

He likes cats and the colour turquoise.


Audrey MacDonald is at VIVO through an Early Career Development B.C. Arts Council grant. Audrey will be working on processing our Special Collections (such as Mary Anne McEwen’s collection and her work on the Gay Games – video, ephemera, and textual materials) to make them more accessible to the public.  Audrey is drawn to VIVO’s history of marginalized artists in Vancouver—specifically the impact of their artistic voice in the surrounding community.  Audrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Alberta and a Diploma of Art History from UBC.

She will be working with our archives three days a week, Wednesdays to Fridays, until November.


The staff and board of VIVO are thrilled to welcome both Clark and Audrey and look forward to all the wonderful work they will do with us.