Call for Submissions: Anniversary Time!

Fri, Jun 1, 2018

Video Out Distribution
Call for Video Submissions | “Anniversary Time !”
Deadline: June 1st 2018

Video Out is seeking works that address… the last 45 years!

2018 marks the 45th anniversary of VIVO Media Arts.  If you’ve been meaning to do something with those old tapes sitting in storage, now is the time to digitize and create a new work!  This is a call for celebration, but also (and as always) for critical engagement in the medium of video — the medium of ‘narcissism’ as writer Rosalind Krauss so canonically put it, that resulted in Video Inn, Video Out, and the Satellite Video Exchange Society.  How far have we come, and where might we be headed?  Appropriation, homage, reassemblage are just a few of the possible approaches one might take to address the past in a constantly renewing present.  Inter-media and installation works are welcome!


To submit, please send a weblink of the work, a short synopsis, and an artist bio to:

Digital (including digitized film/video) submissions only, maximum two submissions per artist.  Send your submission
with the subject: AnniversaryTime_LastName by June 1st, 2018.


Video Out Distribution is an international, non-exclusive distributor and is a part of VIVO Media Arts Centre located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Works selected will be invited into distribution with Video Out, and will be screened at VIVO’s New Additions series, in conversation with existing works within the collection.

For further information please contact:
Casey Wei, Distribution and Outreach Manager