Call for Submissions: DOCUMENTARIAN

Wed, Oct 31, 2018

Video Out Call for Submissions:


Video Out Distribution is seeking works of a documentarian nature.  Documentary, documentation, mockumentary; performative, observational, participatory; expository, celebratory, critical.  These are just some of the qualifications that come to mind when imagining the treatment of a subject.  Considering one’s empathy, and how it creates affect, what is the work of the documentarian?  

To submit, please send a weblink of the work (Wetransfers not accepted), a short synopsis, and an artist bio to  Digital (including digitized film) submissions only, maximum two submissions per artist.

Send your submission with the subject: Documentarian_LastName by October 31st 2018.


Video Out Distribution is an international, non-exclusive distributor and is a part of VIVO Media Arts Centre located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Works selected will be invited into distribution, and will be screened at VIVO as a new acquisitions screening event.