Call For Submissions: The Virtuosic Image

Mon, Aug 21, 2017

Video Out Distribution
Call for Video Submissions | “The Virtuosic Image”
Deadline: October 31st 2017

The Virtuosic Image

Video Out Distribution is seeking works that aesthetically and/or thematically investigate the virtuosic image.

In the digital age, arguments made for the value of the ‘poor image’ have elevated its degraded, glitched and pixelated qualities into a canonical art form.  Special effects at the consumer-grade level have become so advanced that anyone with the right app can become an in-device editing suite.  Whereas the retro-futuristic warmth of VHS is accessibly trendy, the value once bestowed onto analogue film form is fading away, as digital technologies are becoming ever the more advanced in replicating imperfections of dust, scratches, and grains.

Video Out is interested in work that addresses what it means for an image to be virtuosic in our current moment.  What does technical mastery mean in a time of pick-and-choose codecs?  How can current consumer-grade technologies be used in the manner of an auteur?

To submit, please send a weblink of the work (Wetransfers not accepted), a short synopsis, and an artist bio to  Digital (including digitized film) submissions only, maximum two submissions per artist.  Send your submission with the subject: VirtuosicImage_LastName by October 31st 2017.


Video Out Distribution is an international, non-exclusive distributor and is a part of VIVO Media Arts Centre located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Works selected will be invited into distribution with Video Out, and will be screened at VIVO’s New Additions series, in conversation with existing works within the collection.

For further information please contact:
Casey Wei, Distribution and Outreach Manager