No No Nooky T.V. (1987) by Barbara Hammer

Sun, Jan 1, 2017
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No No Nooky T.V. (1987) (12:00) (San Francisco)
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by Barbara Hammer 


Pioneering lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer posits sexuality to be a social construct in a “sex-text” of dirty pictures. Made with an Amiga computer and a 16mm Bolex, No No Nooky T.V. confronts the feminist controversy around sexuality with electronic language, pixels and interface. Even the monitor is eroticized in this film/video hybrid that points fun at romance, sexuality and love in the post-industrial age.

*Digitized from 3/4″ Umatic

Artist Biography

Barbara Hammer was born on May 15, 1939 in Hollywood, California. She is a visual artist working primarily in film and video. She has made over 80 moving image works in a career that spans 40 years. She is considered a pioneer of queer cinema. In 2013 she received a Guggenheim Fellowship for a film Waking Up Together on the poet Elizabeth Bishop. She was awarded the same year a Marie Walsh Sharpe artist studio to work on performance projection. Hammer was honored with a month long retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City from September 11-October 13, 2010. In February 2012 she had a month long retrospective at The Tate Modern in London followed by retrospectives in Paris at Jeu de Paume in June 2012 and the Toronto International Film Festival in October 2013.