Ten Skakel (My Baby) (1995) by Cease Wyss

Fri, Jan 1, 2016
Programming Series

Ten Skakel (My Baby) (1995) (25:00) (Vancouver, Canada)
In Distribution

by Cease Wyss, Western Front 

A compelling portrayal of birth, life, death through the documentation of  a First Nations woman giving birth to her first child.  Stories about naming, the phases of the moon, and traditional First Nations childrearing practices are revealed in this mingling  of oral history, verite documentary, and personal narrative.

*Digitized from 3/4″


Artist Biography

T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss (Skwxwu7mesh/Sto:Lo//Hawaiian/Swiss). My work spans over two and a half decades, working with artists and communities on projects that utilize technology and community engagement as a means of sharing stories. Web-based works like Picto-Prophecy (2012) – with En’owkin Centre’s Ullus Collective – and public art such as Talking Poles (2009) – Surrey Cultural Capital Art Award – & the Stanley Park Environmental Art Project (2009) all take site specific inspirations and the stories of our past that inform us in the present, while looking towards the future and what part we play in the timeline of our ancestry. Culture and spirituality feed my soul and fuel my creativity. Throughout my life I have been training my spirit to reconnect to my ancestors and bring the stories back to my family and community that we lost through colonization and the Residential Schools. Whether I bring communities together through interactivity like geocaching games or building food security programs the art I engage in plays a significant role. Current projects include a collaboration with Hans Winkler about the near death of a small, desecrated island in Hawaii (Kahoolawe Island) and research on dissemination of ethnobotany from the Pacific Northwest Coast, Hawaii, and Switzerland.