Rear Window Cinema: Letters From Isolation

Opening Date
Fri, Oct 30, 2020 700pm
Fri, Oct 30—Wed, Dec 30, 2020

Rear Window Cinema: Letters from Isolation is an urban media art exhibition and screening taking place through the months of October and December. Rear Window Cinema transforms artists’ private windows (domestic and studio spaces) into ephemeral screens for rear-window projections that are externally visible to passersby on the street. What can a community-focused, location-specific media exhibition look like during a pandemic? How can social gatherings that have always been part of artists’ cinema adapt to the context of physical distancing?

Between the months of October and December, animation artists will display animated letters to their neighbourhoods, using their windows as the creative point of departure and eventual surface for projection. Instead of inviting spectators or visitors, Rear Window Cinema: Letters From Isolation, invites local residents and passersby, who may chance upon these personal, animated window poems on a walk through the neighbourhood.

The project unfolds in a cascading series of waves, with three different screenings where each group of artists will pass along experience and their insight to the next group.

Wave 1: October 30th - November 5th
Wave 2: November 20th - November  27th
Wave 3: December 11th  - December 18th

Each round will screen for approximately one week nightly from 7 - 7:30pm. The locations for each screening will be posted here and on Instagram @rear_windowcinema. If you find yourself in those neighbourhoods, go for an evening walk and experience the window as a private-public urban display surface.

Rear Window Cinema is a partnership project between Emily Carr University, VIVO Media Arts, and flavourcel animation collective with the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.  


Wave 1: New Work by Kat Morris and Josh Neu

Running daily from October 30–November 5 at 7–7:30pm, you can find works by flavourcel animation collective members Kat Morris and Josh Neu. The screening will be located at:

Mount Pleasant (East 8th + McLean: NW corner) 

an illustration of a moth on a red background by Kat Morris next to a map of the screening location


Downtown (Helmcken + Seymour: 5th-floor windows in the alley between Seymour and Granville)

an illustration of bubble letters that read "A Yo Bro" on a dark background. Underneath is an orange rectangle with an illustration of two feet on a skateboard. This is next to a map location of the screening.



If you find yourself in those neighbourhoods, go for an evening walk and experience the window as a private-public urban display surface. See something neat? Tag @rear_windowcinema and share on Instagram.