Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO)

Wynne Palmer, Justin Devries

Sat, Jan 1—Sat, Jan 8, 2011

The Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO) was formed by the participants in a theremin building workshop held at VIVO in the summer of 2011. VETO was formed out of and continues to be supported by the Education Program at VIVO Media Arts Centre. VETO has performed for the Signal + Noise Festival, The Xenakis Festival for Vancouver New Music, for Interactive Futures: Animal Influence (, among other events.

Artist Profile

Wynne Palmer

Wynne Palmer is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist, curator and producer. She holds a BFA (Graphic Design + Photography) from U of A and BFA Visual Arts from ECUAD. Her practice focuses on the liminal space where the natural world and technology converge, bringing into question identity, concepts of location and the philosophy of language.

Justin Devries