NRAI: Nicholas Bourriaud's “Radicals and Radicants”

Thu, Mar 17, 2011

This month’s salon will play host to an exciting cross-pollination with the Toronto incarnation of this group, as cheyanne turions will be re-joining us from Toronto to present a reading that she presented at LIFT in January, in conjunction with a screening that she curated at Gallery TPW. This screening program, “The Permanent Longing for Elsewhere”, will be screening at DIM Cinema on Monday March 21st.
Provoked by this screening, March’s reading will explore Nicholas Bourriaud’s idea of what it means to be radicant. Following modernism’s attempts to distill essential essences, to postmodernism’s acceptance of cultural clutter, to the negotiating impulse of today’s altermodernity, Bourriaud crafts a botanical metaphor for the specific reality of how the immigrant, the exile, the tourist, and the urban wanderer have become the dominant figures of contemporary culture.

Participants are strongly encouraged [though not required] to attend the related screening.


Alex Muir

Alex has been involved with VIVO for several years, in many capacities, including video restoration, installation, distribution, and various programming endeavours. He also programs experimental radio for Soundscapes on CFRO. He has a degree in film studies and comparative literature from the University of Alberta.