TENDER ENGINE: Mardon + Mitsuhashi Residency

Mon, Jun 3—Mon, Jun 24, 2019
Programming Series

Tender Engine is a collaboration between choreographers, two dancers (Mardon + Mitsuhashi), programmer Brynn McNab and Uxie, the Recursive Neural Network - an algorithm that has learned to speak from various datasets within the parameters of the programmer’s making. Previous iterations of Tender Engine has taken place in performance-based spaces where it has focused primarily on physical and textual scores for the performers, and how the performer might guide an audience through a pointedly disjointed and dysfunctional reading of physical bodies as technological, political and individual. 

During the month of June, Alexa Mardon and Erika Mitsuhashi (Mardon + Mitsuhashi) will accompany performers Elissa Hanson and Zahra Shahab to transform the space into a multimedia installation room. Studio rehearsal will take place that will bring Uxie, a collaborative algorithm designed to respond to programmer Brynn Catherine McNab’s data input to synchronize the words with bodily movements. Justine A. Chambers will serve as a mentor during the rehearsals leading up to the four performance to take place June 25, 26, 27 and 28.