To The Barricades

Cecily Nicholson , Stephen Collis

Sat, May 28, 2011
Programming Series

Part of La Commune: Paris 1871 / Vancouver 2011
Co-presented with Simon Fraser University Department of History, English and French
March 18-May 28 2011

Written in the gaps and interstices between the Paris Commune of 1871 and contemporary resistance movements in Vancouver, circa 2011—between poetry and “the political,” the individual and the collective, idealism and…another disappointment, revolution and…more of the same—written, too, and performed between the flickering back and white cells of Peter Watkins’ 1999 film La Commune (Paris 1871)—this poetic collaboration seeks to reimagine the “eternal and indestructible” principles of the Commune, at the same time as it sights along the distance between “now” and “then,” “here” and “there.”

“Without the sense of private property that ascended with European culture, we evolved concepts of property that recognized the interdependence of communities, families and nations and favoured the guardianship of the earth, as opposed to its conquest. There was a sense of ownership, but not one that pre-empted the rights and privileges of others or the rights of the earth and the life that it sustained” 
—Loretta Todd

“The principles of the Commune are eternal and indestructible; they will present themselves again and again until the working class is liberated”
—Karl Marx

Stephen Collis / Mercedes Eng / Ray Hsu / Reg Johanson / Donato Mancini / Kim Minkus / Cecily Nicholson

Artist Profile

Cecily Nicholson

Cecily Nicholson is a Vancouver and Surrey-based organizer. She has worked with women of the downtown eastside community of Vancouver for the past decade and is currently the Coordinator of Funds with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Cecily has collaborated most recently as a member of the VIVO Media Arts collective, Press Release poetry collective and No One is Illegal, Vancouver collective. Triage, a book of poetry, is forthcoming from Talonbooks in Spring 2011.

Stephen Collis