Readings by Cecil Nicholson and Ivan Drury

Cecily Nicholson , Ivan Drury

Wed, Feb 2, 2011
Programming Series

Co-presented with the Kootenay School of Writing and Urban Subjects


small pond hold up
in a sickly greenback battered manufacturing blue steak in a two-lane truck stop

fine dark carbon particles form or release during combustion
scarce cords tempered tuning

suck city

sprawl has consumed quiet woodlots

elms grow sparse
black-spotted parasols

accessed central came from the dirt hills

home is where the cart is


on the docks workers move in
measured steps
and motions
to extract as

the cranes overhead
spin from an axis
on the ground


point of contact
with the ground

the soil

dancing in workboots
not meant for dance
with people

meant to dance
the life
out of the necropolis
the dead capital
the polis of warehousing

wall st vs main st tonight

extended over all


Artist Profile

Cecily Nicholson

Cecily Nicholson is a Vancouver and Surrey-based organizer. She has worked with women of the downtown eastside community of Vancouver for the past decade and is currently the Coordinator of Funds with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Cecily has collaborated most recently as a member of the VIVO Media Arts collective, Press Release poetry collective and No One is Illegal, Vancouver collective. Triage, a book of poetry, is forthcoming from Talonbooks in Spring 2011.

Ivan Drury

Ivan Drury is an organizer on the elected board of directors of the DTES Neighbourhood Council and a member of SFU Against Goldcorp and Gentrification. He is pursuing a master’s degree in history at SFU. He has published some poetry, prose, and polemics in West Coast Line and some online magazines. His reading will be about the identity of the cultural critic in Vancouver.