VERB FRAU TV Season 5 Reception April 5 6PM @ VIVO

Margaret Dragu, Moira Simpson, Jade Chen, Sarah Sheard

Wed, Apr 5, 2017
Programming Series

Please join us on April 5 to celebrate the recently launched fifth season of Verb Frau TV with Margaret Dragu and her collaborators, Moira Simpson, Jade Chen and Sarah Sheard (via Facetime). A screening of two of the episodes will start at 7PM sharp, followed by time for comments and questions from the audience and those present from the Verb Frau TV team.



Verb Frau TV is an ongoing experiment in broadcast that consolidates many of Dragu’s personae in Verb Frau TV as feature interviewer, performer, and personality, Verb Frau, investigating contemporary performance art practice through conversations with international artists, from the new and emerging to the senior and famous.

For Season 5 VERB FRAU (aka Margaret Dragu) heads to Toronto for the 7a*11d Festival of Performance Art. Like a late night talk show host, VERB FRAU presides over the desktop, where she interviews local/national/international artists about topics/notions/ideas that are important to performance art while discovering intimate details about the artists’ personal creative processes. At the end of each interview, the artist creates a 1 – 3 minute live Desktop Performance for camera and broadcast. The Desktop Performances were so popular with both festival and virtual TV public, VERB FRAU hosted an all-day all-desktop performance event for Episode 6.

All episodes and previous seasons are available to be streamed for free at:

Artist Profile

Margaret Dragu

Margaret Dragu aka Verb Woman, aka Lady Justice, is a renowned interdisciplinary performance artist living and working in Vancouver. She returns to NSL&G to present material from her ongoing How To Be Old How To Guide series, taking on thoughts and issues to do with aging, culture and society. 3 videos will be screened: Get Devices, Get Rolling and Get Group-y.

Moira Simpson

Moira Simpson is an award-winning freelance director, cinematographer and editor of documentaries. Her career spans more than 30 years and encompasses many National Film Board, independent and television docs. Her work in film, video and new media is informed by a belief that film can be a powerful impetus for social justice. Simpson is drawn to projects featuring women who are change-makers. She has taught filmmaking at Emily Carr, SFU and UBC and has given filmmaking and digital storytelling workshops across Canada and the Arctic, as well as in Nairobi, Kenya. Although still passionately committed to making docs, Mo has recently been enjoying working on short dance and art-aktion performance pieces.

Jade Chen

Jade Chen is an emerging media artist from Emily Carr University. Her work deals with identity and the human body. Born in Taiwan but raised on Vancouver Island she draws on her personal experiences to create emotionally driven work. Jade will be showcasing her latest piece in The Show at Emily Carr May 5th-21st

Sarah Sheard

Sarah Sheard has been a published novelist for over 40 years and a writing instructor with Humber-Guelph College and Ryerson University since 1995. She was a fiction editor on the Coach House Press Editorial Board for 13 of those years. For the past 4 years, she edited and illustrated Psychologica, an e-zine of informal essays by and for psychotherapists.

Sarah is currently drafting an experimental memoir, Blood Bed, creating performative, visual and written material for video; and she is also composing the soundtrack.