Intro to MaxMSP

Mon, May 11, 2015

This workshop will introduce students to the fundamentals of working with realtime audio and visual media in Max. Students will learn to create their own programs or patches, interactive environments in which they can control audio and visuals using game controllers.

Max is a patching style, high level programming environment with integrated user interface components that allows users to quickly get their ideas up and running. This course will lay a foundation upon which students can further explore additional sensor technology within the Max/MSP environment through programming gestural data into musical and visual expression.

Students will gain insight into essential audio programming including techniques in sound synthesis, sample creation and playback, filtering and live processing. The workshop will also cover things like looping, mixing and adding effects to digital video, creating and animating vector graphics objects, and designing user interfaces or automation components to control the sound and graphics.

This workshop will culminate to a final performance in which students will collaboratively compose a piece. The ensemble will perform using game controllers to manipulate sound and visual parameters that they have programmed onto these interfaces.