Heading to Swarm? Don’t forget to check out the new VIVO space at 2625 Kaslo

Do you plan on coming out to VIVO for this year’s Swarm? As you may have heard, we moved out of the Mount Pleasant area but will have an exhibition noless! (It’s going to be seriously awe-insiring and a perfect chance to check out the new VIVO space. Orchestra of the Uncanny Valley is an installation by Dinka Pignon, with Emma Hendrix (sound), Sharon Bradley (acting) and Heather McDermid (violin and saw)) …. and it’s one you shouldn’t miss.

Public transit to the new VIVO is so easy! The address is 2625 Kaslo. From Mount Pleasant, you can take the 9-Boundary bus on Main, or take the skytrain to Renfrew Station. But really, the best way to get here is by bike. I don’t know if you know this, but the Central Valley path that runs through North Grandview Highway is actually quite beautiful.

When I originally saw that going to VIVO would force me out of my Mount Pleasant bubble, I was a little bit annoyed, to be perfectly honest. If you find yourself getting annoyed about the new location, I encourage you to work through it. Going a little bit further east is a great way to open up your mind to new neighbourhoods and broaden your horizons. Maybe you don’t feel this way at all, I’m not sure. Or maybe this location is actually closer to your own personal bubble. For me, I just complained at length to most people I saw.

“Who will make the trek out to an artist-run-centre in the suburbs?”

I kept asking myself.

“This new bike ride will double the amount of time it takes me to get to work and there will be giant cars everywhere!”

I was not impressed.

Then I did the commute.

To my surprise, the path to get there is actually better than my original commute to the old VIVO. I hope you take this route because it’s so sweet!

OK. As far as how to get there. If you’re heading out east from Main Street, take the bike path along 10th. Ride it all the way past Commercial Drive to Victoria, and you will come to the end at Victoria. When you cross the street, look North. You will see the path in the photo on the left. Ride towards that green sign there. (Don’t forget to look both ways before you cross!). Keep following North Grandview/Central valley bicycle path.

The route is very scenic and quiet! There are cool tile-y structures along the path. It’s nothing like I expected.

and the the best part? There is a trail that runs along the skytrain tracks! Wheeee!!

Keep going until you get to Kaslo street. Head North. You will pass Rona and a building called “Universal Supply Co” with really bad typography.

Keep biking North until you get close to Broadway. Before Broadway, you will see a sign that says 2625 – 2635 Kaslo next to the bottle depot (See photo below). Head through the fence and go to the door.

It doesn’t look like much from the front. (Or I guess it’s the side). But beyond those doors, magic awaits!

As you ride your bicycle, I recommend soaking in the scenery. Consider that this pathway could be the road to some new shared experiences at an artist-run centre. You could learn something, meet good people, and be inspired. While on your ride, you may see a bunny rabbit, or children playing. It might also be nighttime which is probably the case. So turn on your bike lights and enjoy the breeze. It may be raining, I’m not sure. I imagine you keep your rain gear in your bag, right? Yeah.