Julia Aoki

VIVO Announces Departure of General Manager

The Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO Media Arts Centre) Board and Staff extend their deepest gratitude to Julia Aoki for her service as General Manager, as she announces her departure in order to pursue new professional opportunities.

Since joining the organization in 2016 as General Manager, Julia has demonstrated passion and commitment to understanding and upholding VIVO’s history and values, and supporting delivery of programs that advocate those values. Julia’s contribution to VIVO over the last three years has been marked by a great number of accomplishments, including the completion of ambitious renovations of the 2625 Kaslo Street space, advancement of staff working conditions, and improvement of organizational coordination. Under Julia’s leadership, VIVO has seen substantial increases in operational capacity. Last year VIVO celebrated its 45th Anniversary, and remains responsive to the shifting contexts that shape the needs and realities of our membership and publics. She will leave the organization in a strong and stable position.

On behalf of the VIVO community, the Board and Staff extend Julia warmest wishes for success in her new career trajectory. VIVO is looking confidently toward the organization’s next chapter; information concerning the General Manager’s succession will be released in the coming weeks.


The Satellite Video Exchange Society (also known as Video In Studios, now VIVO, incorporated 1973) was the first video exchange library, one of the earliest international video centres and remains one of Canada’s longest operating artist-run centres. Today VIVO works to nurture past, present and future media arts discourses and communities through equitable and public access to resources for preservation, production and dissemination.

For More information please contact:
Kate Lingley
Chair, Board of Directors