VIVO Welcomes Nikolai Gauer!

VIVO Media Arts Centre is extremely happy and relieved (!) to welcome Nikolai Gauer to the position of Technical Services Manager. He’s arrived just in time. As many of you may know, the centre has contined to facilitate programmes and provide services while setting up at the new Kaslo Street location. Nikolai’s technical know-how, commitment to artist-run culture and attention to detail are already having a very productive impact.

Originally from Norway, Nikolai received his BFA at NSCAD before obtaining an MFA from SFU in 2012.   He’s been an audio/visual supervisor and technician for various contemporary art, music and cultural conferences over the past several years (both in Halifax and Vancouver). Most recently Nikolai has been working on-call as a technician for Centre A and a videographer for Western Front (he’s also held a temporary teaching assistant position at SFU, a spring/summer gig as a studio assistant to Vancouver-based artist Jin-Me Yoon, and a winter/spring term as a substitute high school teacher in Slemmestad Ungdomskole, Norway, amongst many other things).

Nikolai is an informed and thoughtful interdisciplinary artist with a keen interest in independent new media practices and natural philosophy. He is also an active musician in the lower mainland, writing and performing regularly with both Late Spring and The Salvos. We look forward to Nikolai’s direct involvement in the centre’s management collective and various public activities during the many exciting times that lie ahead. Please be sure to introduce yourself and say hello to Nikolai the next time you’re at VIVO!