Todd Is A Window Washer by Clark Nikolai (2016)

Clark Nikolai

Thu, Nov 24, 2016

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Todd Is A Window Washer
Artist: Clark Nikolai
Year: 2016
Duration: 00:10:00
Country: Canada

Todd washes windows on tall buildings. He describes the procedure and talks about his background as a sailor and climbing trees as a kid.

Excerpt of Todd Is A Window Washer by Clark Nikolai:

Artist Profile

Clark Nikolai

Clark Nikolai is one of Canada’s leading experimental video artists with great skill and vision. With 37 videos to his credit, he is an essential part of queer cinema in Vancouver and internationally. Clark will be presenting his worksAvalanche (2007), Jizaltus Omega (1998), and The Temple of the Sacred Lady Crayon goes percussion (1984).