reach-close (2 home)

Sat, Feb 13, 2021

reach-close (2 home)

February 13, 7pm

Join us on Saturday, February 13th for a premiere of the recorded performance reach-close (2 home). The video stream can be found at this link and is also embedded at the bottom of this page. The premiere will be immediately followed by a talk-back with the artists on Zoom.

Please note that this video features loud sound and some visual strobing effects. Headphones or speakers that represent low-frequencies well are encouraged! 

With support from the Canada Council’s Digital Originals grant, reach-close (2 home) recontextualizes a sculptural amplified piano wire installation, an instrument which has quickly cemented itself as an integral facet of their work. Performed through embodied movements such as plucking, grating with violin bows, and scraping against shaved heads, olive theory blurs and distorts the line of what an instrument should look like, and how it should be played. Juxtaposing artistic performance with their daily rituals, time seems to dissolve as night and day bleed into each other, a relatable experience for many of us during a lockdown. Previously presented as a live performance piece, this version responds to the context of the pandemic by remounting the installation in the performers' home where it has been captured on video for transmission, highlighting the importance of domestic space as a place for artistic creation.

olive theory is an interdisciplinary duo formed by dance artist Shion Skye Carter and musician Stefan Nazarevich, based in Vancouver, BC. The duo was born from a desire to merge artistic backgrounds and experiment at the intersection between embodied performance, installation, and music. In their creative endeavours, Shion and Stefan have performed at venues across Canada, and their recently produced short films have been screened at festivals globally (SHUT IN DANCE Film Festival / USA, House is Me by Purespace / Turkey, Dance Days Chania / Greece, Moving Images Dance Festival / Cyprus).

Together they seek to investigate the roles they have conceived for themselves as artists, and actively challenge, question, and subvert them. Through building custom structural instruments, they forge a high level of intimacy with the materials they work with. This intimacy is the heart of olive theory, and it is present at each stage of their process, from building relationships with one another, to their installation materials, the spaces they work in, and ultimately, their audience.

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