Northern Sights — A 360º Virtual Reality Project

Opening Date
Fri, Oct 11, 2019 700pm
Tue, Oct 15—Fri, Oct 18, 2019

Northern Sights is a virtual reality project aimed at helping Northern Artists broaden the reach of their art forms, in the face of geographical isolation from audiences, this project aims to use new technology to bring their work to new audiences.

People all around the world are fascinated with the North, but very few of them ever get a chance to visit. Through Northern Sights, a varied selection of works from musicians, storytellers, sculptors, painters, and media artists alike are being captured using virtual reality technology, creating immersive environments for audiences, giving them unprecedented realistic experiences of today’s North. 

Participating Artists are: — Leela Gilday, Casey Koyczan, Borderless Art Movement, Carmen Braden, and Derrald Taylor

More information on this project can be found here:

link to the trailer: