Jin-me Yoon

Tue, Oct 11, 2016

Jin-me Yoon

Hey You, Ya You! (Jimmie Yoo)

8 x 10” B&W silver gelatin prints from colour 2 ¼” film
14 ¼ x 16 ½” framed

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Jin-me Yoon has revisited her film negative archive to produce Hey You, Ya You! (Jimmie Yoo), a set of 8 x 10” silver gelatin prints originally shot in 1991 on colour 2 ¼” film. Bridging nearly three decades of Yoon’s artistic practice, the work testifies to the artist’s sustained investment in notions of performativity involving the intersubjective formation of identities and the apparatus of the camera.

Hey You, Ya You! (Jimmie Yoo) depicts one of Yoon’s alter egos: a rugged man of ambiguous identity who points at the viewer in a gesture of interpellation—a concept borrowed from Althusser proposing that social, political and historical circumstances produce subjects who are always-already implicated rather than self-produced.

In the age of high definition digital photography, ubiquitous screens, and perfectly staged selfies, the prints’ deliberate imperfections point to another provocation. By degrading the colour 2 ¼” film negative and printing it in black and white, the artist has rendered a set of rough and punchy prints that intentionally display disparities in contrast and exposition, and reveal dust marks and specks. The result is a repetition of deliberately flawed, spectral surrogates of the character, calling up our entangled and repressed racist and colonial histories.

By revisiting Hey You, Ya You! (Jimmie Yoo), Yoon returns to her early photographic practice and a period of her life (the mid ’80s and early ’90s) that was foundational in her development as an artist and member of the Vancouver artistic community. Specially producing this set of fifteen prints in support of VIVO’s 2016 renovations campaign is a way for the artist to reinterpret her own archive, but also to rearticulate her continuing ties to the artist-run community. VIVO Media Arts Centre is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Jin-me Yoon by rendering accessible this previously unseen body of work.

VIVO is extremely grateful to Jin-me Yoon for her donation of this work and her continuing support of VIVO and its programs for media artists.

Artist Profile

Jin-me Yoon

Through photo and video based installations, Jin-me Yoon explores questions concerning identity, history, place and subjectivity in an accelerated globalized era. Actively contributing to Vancouver’s artistic community since the mid 1980s, she has exhibited extensively across Canada as well as internationally and is represented in numerous public collections. Yoon is a Professor at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.