VIDEO BAR: The Woōds

Annie Briard, Orcana

Fri, Nov 22, 2013
Programming Series

A project by Annie Briard
With sound performance by Orcana

The Woōds is a handmade stop-motion installation explored by the viewer via mobile devices and Kinect, in ‘choose your own adventure’ style. Viewers can interact with the fictional character through text and movement, engaging different surreal narrative moments and actions. Through its playful interactivity and unique aesthetic, the work questions the limits between psycho and somatic planes, human-made worlds and nature, and structures of communication and domination. The Woōds was produced in association with Limbic Media.

Photo documentation

Artist Profile

Annie Briard

ANNIE BRIARD is an artist and educator holding a BFA from Concordia University and a SSHRC-funded MAA in media arts from Emily Carr University (2013). Focusing on moving-image, installation and interactivity to explore visual perception and the role of wonderment in interpreting physical and internal worlds, she has exhibited her work in solo shows, festivals and screenings across Canada and internationally, and participated in residencies including White Rabbit Arts, the Banff Centre, and WEYA in England. She is an active arts organizer and member of the board for Montreal-based Studio XX and Art Contraste, and Vancouver’s Access Gallery. She is represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal.


ORCANA is a Vancouver based project by Zelda Yake and K.L. Rattray. These artists have been collaborating since 2011, regularly experimenting and creating improvised noise and soundscapes. Orcana’s work comes from the creative exploration of electroacoustic sampling and the rudimentary manipulation of electric and acoustic instruments, centered around the aging and limited technology of the Casio SK-1.