Text To Speech Reading 10: The Stack by Benjamin Bratton (2015)

Tue, Apr 18, 2017
Programming Series

Text to Speech: Benjamin Bratton
The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty
Tuesday, April 18 @ 7:00pm
VIVO Media Arts
2625 Kaslo Street
Free / Refreshments

Please join us at VIVO Media Arts Centre on April 18th for the next edition of the Text to Speech reading salon series. We will be taking up Benjamin Bratton's 2015 book The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty.

The Stack is a comprehensive attempt to map the breadth and scales of global computation. It proposes a multi-dimensional framework through which to conceptualize the various interacting systems (social, material, political, ecological, etc.) that mediate and produce our networked societies. All along the process of tracing the architectures of the Stack, Bratton sounds off the political/ideological implications of its specific material forms. Of chief concern to the study is how global computation might relate to (undermine, amplify, mutate, etc.) the Westphalian paradigm of nation-states, through which we commonly understand sovereignty in a geopolitical context.

Text to Speech is a joint initiative of Cineworks, the Western Front and VIVO Media Arts. Focused on writing about media, media art and the surrounding concepts and frameworks of the mediated world, Text to Speech gatherings aim to build stronger community ties and knowledge in our field. In this reading group, participants will be provided with copies of the reading, and we will facilitate a group reading, discussion, and analysis of this text. Prior knowledge of the work is encouraged but not required, as the session will involve some form of introduction, and some portion of close reading (out loud).