Text To Speech Reading 12: Lovecidal: Walking with the Disappeared by Trinh T. Minh-ha (2015)

Thu, Aug 10, 2017
Programming Series

Thursday, August 10
5:30pm Reading at CRAB PARK
9:00pm Screening at Golden Saucer Studio
(207 West Hastings Street, at Cambie, text 778-848-2877 for entry)
Free / Refreshments!

The next Text to Speech media reading group will pair a reading and a screening of work by the artist Trinh T. Minh-ha. Join us for one of our rare summer sessions at Crab Park, where we will devote our efforts to reading a short interview Speaking Nearby, and other small selections of the extensive writings of Trinh, while watching the sun settle behind the hills on the North shore. After the park (bring a blanket!) we will walk to Golden Saucer Studios to view a film together and continue the discussion. If it rains, we will start and end the event there.

Trinh's work draws together necessary complications of personal and political intention, drafting an understanding of instability and hybridity in the position of the artist into the making of her work. She has been engaged in thoughtful formal interventions that disabuse audiences about the nature of 'truths' told in traditional forms of anthropology and ethnography through documentary film, for decades. All the while, she has been attending to the important groundwork of gender and cultural politics in her role as an academic who has ties across to communities across the globe.

Focused on writing about media, media art and the surrounding concepts and frameworks of the mediated world, Text to Speech gatherings aim to build stronger community ties and knowledge in our field. In this reading group, participants will be provided with copies of the reading, and we will facilitate a group reading, discussion, and analysis of this text. Prior knowledge of the work is encouraged but not required, as the session will involve some form of introduction, and some portion of close reading (out loud).