Text To Speech Reading 16: Listening to Noise and Silence by Salomé Voegelin (2010)

Wed, Dec 13, 2017
Programming Series

Salomé Voegelin
Listening to Noise and Silence
with adjacent sounds, and writings by
Peter Culley and Maxine Gadd

7:00pm @ Western Front
Free / Refreshments!

Join us at the Western Front for the latest Text to Speech media reading group to read excerpts from Salomé Voegelin’s book, Listening to Noise and Silence: Towards a Philosophy of Sound Art. In the effort to apply Voegelin’s proposal for a philosophy of sound art and practice of listening as proposed in her text, we’ll also be tuning in to a selection of sound works that appear in her first chapter “Listening,” and turning our attention to writings by poets Peter Culley and Maxine Gadd.

This edition of Text to Speech is presented by Western Front’s current artist-in-residence Elisa Ferrari as part of her ongoing sound-based research and performance project lilithlithlithlithlithlith...

Focused on writing about media, media art and the surrounding concepts and frameworks of the mediated world, Text to Speech gatherings aim to build stronger community ties and knowledge in our field. In this reading group, participants will be provided with copies of the reading, and we will facilitate a group reading, discussion, and analysis of this text. Prior knowledge of the work is encouraged but not required, as the session will involve some form of introduction, and some portion of close reading (out loud).

Image Caption:
Maxine Gadd, excerpt of “Loon” from Subway Under Byzantium, notation by Peter Culley


Elisa Ferrari