GIV 40th Anniversary Screening

Sabrina Ratté, Kim kielhofner, Lamathilde, Eugénie Cliche, Ilse Gassinger, Élaine Frigon, Karen Trask, Victoria Stanton, Inès Szigety, Nikki Forrest, soJin Chun, larose s. larose, Sheena Hoszko, kimura byol-nathalie lemoine, Coral Short

Mon, Apr 4, 2016

Join us at VIVO Media Arts Centre on Monday, April 4th 2016 at 7pm for a free screening of video works drawn from Groupe Intervention Vidéo’s distribution collection, in celebration of the Montreal-based organization’s 40th Anniversary!

The program, “Gestures of Performativity”, was curated by Montreal-based curator and academic, Dayna McLeod. The program is comprised of English, French, and silent works. The curator will be in attendance at the screening.

Program Notes

The 15 artists assembled in this program all use performativity as a means to create their video work. byol-nathalie kimura-lemoine (Hairy) and Eugénie Cliche (Les Bijoux/The Jewelleries) use their own bodies to explore the construction of identity and representation. Victoria Stanton (And Here), soJin Chun (Treasure Hill Camouflage), Élaine Frigon (Beam Me Up (Elaine)), and Nikki Forrest with Sarah Williams (Studio Performance Experiments (1, 2, 3)), use their bodies to conceptually interact with and respond to their environments. Sabrina Ratté capitalizes on existing female representations and builds on them in Longueurs d’ondes, with a digitized female dancer who is fragmented into a series of bodily gestures and synthesized electronic colour waves. Larose S. Larose also builds on the performativity of representations and plays with celebrity culture with stoic lip-sync in, We Don’t Need Another Hero that is jump cut to a Tina Turner/Bonnie Tyler soundtrack. Similarly, Kim Kielhofner uses interview footage of Meryl Streep to voice Rehearsal through an abstraction of filmic structure, and familiar cinematic gestures that Kielhofner enacts herself. Lamathilde’s Almanach Lesbien collects lesbian gestures and experience, while Karen Trask catalogues techniques she exercises in Unlearning The Piano. Artistic tasks are performed for the camera in Ines Szigety’s Encintandome (Stopping myself), Coral Short’s The Party’s Over, and Sheena Hoszko’s don’t blink for 45 seconds (after kathy dillon). Humour is also a thread that runs through this program, which is at times playful, wry, overt, and subtle.

For a copy of the print program in pdf. format click here


LONGEUEURS D’ONDES by Sabrina Ratté (2013) 1:00
No dialogue

An exploration of the potential of interactions between dance and electronic signals generated by a video synthesizer. Video art pioneers who have worked with movement and dance inspired the video.

REHEARSAL by Kim Kielhofner (2012) 2:37

Collected from the interviews of Meryl Streep, Rehearsal is an act of remembering and performance.

LESBIAN’S ALMANAC by Lamathilde (2013) 4:23
English and French Texts

This video features 12 paintings from the dyke community, examples of word play and literal interpretation through political claims and personal visions that become a lesbian collective unconscious.

THE JEWELLERIES by Eugénie Cliche (2012) 3:41
No dialogue

The artist revisits the position of woman/object through the performance of herself positioning her body as a jewel, a precious diamond.

SPLASH by Ilse Gassinger (1989) 1:30
No dialogue

The artist explores the female body, advertising, home movies and the female gaze.

BEAM ME UP (ELAINE) by Élaine Frigon (2011) 0:50
No dialogue

A woman’s clothes become wallpaper, and her closet is transformed.

UNLEARNING THE PIANO by Karen Trask (2011) 5:00
No dialogue

With humour, the artist demonstrates five exercises for breaking old piano-playing habits.

AND HERE  by Victoria Stanton (2011) 3:00
No dialogue

Across landscape and mental states, stretching from country, to city, to home, and here. I am always in several places and once, leaving and arriving. I am never totally there. But I seem to be almost here (and here and here).

ENCINTANDOME (STOPPING MYSELF) by Ines Szigety (2004) 4:11
No dialogue

The artist explores symbolic relations between her body, the space and the materials.

STUDIO PERFORMANCE EXPERIMENTS (1, 2, 3) by Nikki Forrest (2012) 7:48
No dialogue

Part of an ongoing series of video working with perception, gravity and the body as points of departure. In this work I wanted to create a sense of instability and uncertainty about the nature of reality in order to challenge some of our basic assumptions about what is possible.

TREASURE HILL CAMOUFLAGE by SoJin Chun (2012) 2:00
No dialogue

The video examines cultural and physical camouflage as a method of survival. Based on the history of the Treasure Hill village, the performative camouflage method that I use in the video reflects the complex history of Taiwan.

WE DON ’T NEED ANOT HER HERO by larose s. larose (2010) 3:10
English Text

A minimal exploration of pop music until it runs out of juice. Bonnie Tyler and Tina Turner on monochrome background.

DON’T BLINK FOR 45 SECONDS (After Kathy Dillon) by Sheena Hoszko (2007) 1:31 
No dialogue

A performative video work addressing the thresholds and limitations of the body in relation to control. This work pays homage to the 1971 video by Vito Acconci entitled “Pryings”.

HAIRY by byol-nathalie kimura-lemoine (2014) 1:40
No dialogue

Many trans men affirm their masculinity with beards or moustaches. In this video I am performing masculinity by transferring 100 grams of my own hair to my face to become a realistic Asian man.

THE PARTY’S OVER by Coral Short (2013) 1:27
No dialogue

Metaphorically this film speaks to the release of toxic things in your life. Sometimes the party is just over!

About Groupe Intervention Vidéo:

Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) was founded in Montreal in 1975. GIV, with its multifaceted mandate to distribute, present, and produce independent videos, is one of the rare artist-run centres throughout the world dedicated to the development and promotion of works created by women. The collection currently includes 1300 titles representing the work of 330 artists. It reflects a plurality of approaches and treatments, offering views of women of all generations and cultures. Throughout the year, GIV organizes exhibition and creation activities in collaboration with artists from several disciplines, guest curators, festivals and community organizations.This exhibition is part of a series of events celebrating the 40th anniversary of GIV.

This project has been made possible through support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Initiatives. GIV would like to thank the artists, Shauna Jean and VIVO/Video Out Distribution.


Dayna McLeod

Dayna McLeod is a video and performance artist whose work has shown internationally. She has received funding for video projects from the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, has won numerous awards, and often uses remix practices to mashup mainstream culture. Dayna is currently at The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Humanities.

Artist Profile

Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté is a Montreal based visual artist, mainly working in the field of video. She completed a BFA and a MFA in the Film Production Department of Concordia University in Montreal. Her video work explores the possibilities of mixing together a diverse array of tools and techniques in order to create environments where architecture and landscapes fall into abstraction. Her work is also inspired by the relationship between electronic music and the video image, and she often collaborates with musicians. Ratté is also the visual part of Le Révélateur, with the electronic music composer Roger Tellier-Craig. Her videos can adapt to different contexts, online and IRL, as well as live performances, installations, or projections.

Kim kielhofner

Kim kielhofner is an artist working in video, drawing, and artist books. She holds a BFA from Concordia University (2007, Montreal, QC) and Master’s from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2010, London, UK). Her work has been shown in festivals and galleries in North America, Europe and Asia. Her work in video, uses techniques and footage from diverse cultural spaces, from cinema to the music video to the home movie, brought together under narrative forms. The narrative sometimes punctuates, sometimes connects the image and sound. Timing, pacing, and the quality of the image itself play off of each other to expand the space and create a layering of histories and meanings.


Lamathilde’s work investigates identity through sexuality and gender using low-grade video, super 8, manipulated film footage and stop-motion animation. Sound is at the core of her practice. Her work has been shown in many galleries and international festivals, including Pink Screens – Brussels, Festival des films gais et lesbiens – Paris, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival , Mix Festival – New York, and as well as in Germany, Italy, Holland, Philippines, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Lebanon. Born in France, Lamathilde lives and works in Montreal. She is part of the sound-performance collective WWKA, has hosted a radio show for 5 years and is an active member of the Montreal visual arts scene.

Eugénie Cliche

Eugénie Cliche works and lives in Montréal. Over the past decade, she has created a no-holds-barred video world in which the fields of performance art, photography and video production are brought together. Cliche’s video works combine playfulness, mockery, irony, and pathos, with a just a hint of violence. Cliche’s exuberant productions resemble commercials, video clips, video games, or children’s television programs laced with double entendre. Other times, they take the form of dramatic pastiches or parodic nods to reality TV. The artist’s work has also been exhibited in festivals and other venues across Quebec and Canada, as well as in Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Central America. Cliche is also a co-founder and active member of Les Fermières Obsédées (

Ilse Gassinger

Ilse Gassinger is interested in the female gaze, home movies and faux advertising.

Élaine Frigon

Élaine Frigon studied Architecture and Fine arts. She is a multidisciplinary artist since twenty years. Her work has been shown recently to many festivals. Élaine Frigon is also implicated in the Montreal art scene. She was, among other things, La Centrale/Powerhouse programming coordinator. She teaches video and Fine arts since 2001, at Lionel-Groulx College.

Karen Trask

Karen Trask is a multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. Creating works in installation, artist-books, video and performance, she has had numerous solo exhibitions in Quebec, Canada and Europe. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Canada, India, Mexico City, USA and Europe and artist residencies in Helsinki and in Paris. Her work can be found in public and private collections: Qube Arts, Oswestry, UK, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. USA, La Collection Prêt d’oeuvres d’art du Musée du Québec, Art Bank of the Canada Council, Loto Quebec, The National Library of Quebec, The National Library of Canada, Le Centre Félix-Antoine-Savard, Papermill, St-Gilles, Quebec, Musée du Bas St-Laurent, Quebec.

Victoria Stanton

Victoria Stanton is a performance artist, video-maker, and published writer. Stanton has presented actions, exhibitions, and videos in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia and Japan. She co-authored Impure: Reinventing the Word (conundrum press, 2001), with Vincent Tinguely and is currently working on a book with the TouVA Collective (Anne Bérubé, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton) developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of the performative.

Inès Szigety

Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1967, Inès Szigety moves between video, installation, photography and performance. Her videos are experimental or documentary. She is interested in the quotidian, the discontinuity of linear time and in mechanisms that allow deconstruction. The video expresses through its silence, the sense of the work is produced by this loss. Studies/ Professional Training/ Scholarships: 2006 Artistic Exchange Program in Montreal , Canadá. CALQ and Nación Argentina. 2004 Visual Arts Scholarship for artist from the interior granted by Fondo Nacional de las Artes. 2003-05 Workshop programme for the Visual Arts Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre- UBA / Kuitca. 2002-01 Fundación Antorchas scholarship for the Analysis and Production of works, aimed at artists of Buenos Aires. 

Nikki Forrest

Nikki Forrest is a visual and media artist based in Montreal. Her practice includes video, drawing, installation and sound projects. She is best known for her short experimental videos which have been shown at many festivals, galleries and museums in Europe and North America including: The Mix Festival (New York), The Glasgow Film and Video Workshop, Dundee Contemporary Arts, The Oberhausen Short film and Video Festival (Germany), Ausland (Berlin), Le Center d’Art Santa Monica (Barcelona), Signal and Noise (Vancouver) Mount Saint Vincents University Gallery, Halifax, The Images Festival (Toronto) and the Festival International du Films sur l’Art (Montreal)

soJin Chun

soJin Chun is a Toronto-based artist working in video and installation. Using a whimsical and humorous approach, her work examines cultural multiplicity and complexities of immigration through local narratives. Chun has participated in video screening and exhibitions internationally. She recently had a solo exhibition at Tragaluz Digital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain as part of Fotonoviembre, a Biennale photography festival. Chun has a B.A. in Applied Arts from Ryerson University and a Masters in Communications and Culture from Ryerson/York Universities. She is currently the Head of Education and Community Outreach at Gallery 44.

larose s. larose

larose s. larose works with video, performance, installation and intervention. Their practice involves accessible mediums (karaoke, television, cooking, etc.) to allow the reappropriation of cultural codes through media texts, reconstructed under a feminist, queer, activist angle. They graduated from Intermedia/Cyberarts at Concordia University, (Montreal, Canada) and have a technical background in video postproduction. Their work and curatorial projects have been presented in artist-run spaces in Canada and Europe.

Sheena Hoszko

Sheena Hoszko (b. 1982, Outaouais, Quebec) is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, video, and performance. Her projects attempt to re-contextualize emotion by dissecting and highlighting everyday interactions. Her recent work focuses on ways of representing desire. Hoszko has exhibited at various galleries across Canada, including The Helen Pitt Gallery, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, articule artist-run centre, and The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery. Her video work is distributed through Groupe Intervention Vidéo.

kimura byol-nathalie lemoine

kimura byol-nathalie lemoine is a conceptual multimedia feminist artist who works on identities (diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, post-colionalism, immigration, gender), and expresses it with calligraphy, paintings, digital images, poems, videos and photography. kimura-lemoine’s work has been exhibited, screened and published internationally. As a curator, kimura-lemoine has developed projects that give voice and visibility to minorities and as an activist archivist, ze is working on ACA (adoptees cultural archives) to document the history of adoptee’s culture through media and arts. she doesn’t like capital letters. 

Coral Short

Coral Short was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where her eccentric family lived off the land. She spends a fair amount of time dispersing her magic around the globe – in the air, on railroad tracks and highways all the while curating and doing artist residencies. Coral has lived and created art in Asia, North America, and Europe for the last 15 years. She has many beloved people, communities, and locations that she calls home. Short and her countless projects move at the speed of light; ironically she is the most still when she travels.