Wrong Wave no. 6: art rock? The Popular Esoteric and Virga Soundtrack

Casey Wei, Myles Black

Wed, Oct 10, 2018

KC Wei took a short respite from art rock? and is back to curate Wrong Wave no. 6, a historic, sporadic, and cathartic festival of experimental and alternative music that started in 1984 by the Unit/Pitt.

It starts Wed Oct 10, with the world premiere of KC’s art rock? The Popular Esoteric (2018), and Myles Black’s Virga Soundtrack (2018) at VIVO Media Arts Centre, followed by conversation with the directors.

Virga Soundtrack is Myles Black’s unfinished film focused on queer expressionism and incomplete communication. ‘Virga’ is a meteorological term for when rain evaporates before reaching the earth, leaving a vapour trail which hangs from a cloud. Shot on a phone camera without a budget, each scene is a collaborative experiment fixed to songs by those in the film.

art rock? The Popular Esoteric is a music documentary about Vancouver, featuring performances by bands through director KC Wei’s music as public art treatment. Filmed over the last 4 years, the film follows the evolution of an underground art rock scene, celebrating the weird and beautiful practices of those who continue to rub against the grain.

For more information on the festival, visit the FB event page!  All events are free/by donation.


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