VIDEO BAR: The Future was Wide Open

Fri, Mar 29—Sat, Mar 30, 2013
Programming Series

Ambient social. Free

As part of their ongoing research into the subject of the future, Cranfield and Slade will present a selection of YouTube videos for the Video Bar at VIVO, drawing from music videos, clips and trailers from movies, and assorted other future-oriented footage. The subject of the future extends and broadens Cranfield and Slade’s interest in the notions of melancholia and nostalgia, particularly as expressed by and through popular music. A curious and liminal state, the future is ultimately heralded from the position of the past like a projection from behind, simultaneously obsolete but forever immanent, a horizon that never arrives. Illuminating the present, the future is mixed with sadness and joy, its seemingly faraway light a mysterious flicker whose source is always and forever its own result.