VIDEO BAR: New Jorkers

Fri, Nov 30—Sat, Dec 1, 2012
Programming Series

Ambient social. Free.

The New Yorker has been publishing “gag” cartoons since the magazine’s inception in 1925. Both lauded for their wit and derided for their opacity, the cartoons have become a hallmark of the New Yorker’s success. Vancouver artists Aaron Carpenter and Jonathan Middleton pay tribute to this history by ‘performing covers’ of the cartoons at VIVO’s Video Bar. The artists will make selections from nearly 68,648 cartoons and transcribe the gags into new cartoons by way of verbal description. The finished cartoons will be made available for sale at the bar. New Jorkers is part of an ongoing collaboration between Carpenter and Middleton on the subject of the joke under the mantle ‘Jeneral Joke Store’. Through this project, they generate, distribute and utilize jokes as a forms of social currency and antagonism.

The Store was recently situated in the front ticket booth at the Western Front as part of Instant Coffee’s Doing So Much Yet Feeling So Little.