Projection Mapping with Madmapper

Darren Woodhead

Tue, Mar 13, 2018

Explore new dimensions by mapping your videos onto 3D surfaces with the legendary DJ Woodhead!

This workshop introduces you to projection mapping, allowing you to map your video content onto any architectural surface in the real world, even if it’s not flat! With projection mapping you can project a new skin onto common objects of any 3D shape, deconstructing and redefining them to create wild new perspectives for live performance or interactive installations.

Learn different concepts and techniques through demonstration and hands-on application by doing exercises with a partner. Understand the challenges of different surface geometries and materials. Learn to use Madmapper‘s powerful video mapping software, including tracing lineslayering surfaces, saving scenes, and media management.Learn about MIDI/key mapping to be able to control functions with keyboard and controller, exporting to Minimad and intro to controlling DMX fixtures with Madlight. If there’s time, you’ll be introduced to some aspects of Modul8, software for real time video mixing and compositing. Technical considerations will also be covered, including projector operation, outputting video from a Mac computer, media resolution, and editing using a simple media editor.

Expand your video ideas beyond the flat screen while transforming your visual environment! 


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Darren Woodhead