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The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive (CDMLA) at VIVO Media Arts Centre houses Western Canada’s foremost repository of videotapes by artists and independent producers. Spanning 60 years of production, its 8000 media works reflect the rich history of video art in Canada and abroad. The collection includes videos,films, audio tapes, books, periodicals, directories, photographs, Special Collections, technology, media artists & activists files, and the operational records of the Satellite Video Exchange Society (legal name) since our 1973 incorporation. While the primary focus is on Canadian artists, international artists and video centres are well represented.


Newly digitized audio, video, photographs & documents

Women & West Coast Labour 

Eighty years of action for equity in domestic and workplace
labour by women in British Columbia

Chambermaids to Whistle Punks: 1900-1970

Oral Histories by Sara Diamond & the Women’s Labour History Project

Working Women In Focus: 1970-1980

Documentaries & Interviews by Women In Focus Society

From the Sara Diamond fonds –

Audio & video interviews with transcriptions
Photographs, documents & ephemera of activists and trade unionists
Media and ephemera by and about the Women’s Labour History Project

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From the Women In Focus Society fonds –

Women In Focus Cable 10 television series
Video productions 1976-1980
Photographs and ephemera by and about the Women In Focus Society

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The Archive is proud to have contributed archival footage for these LGBTQ films

Killing Patient Zero


“After the Stonewall riots and at the height of the gay liberation movement in America, an entire generation were busy celebrating their newfound emancipation, unaware of an impending epidemic…Gaetan Dugas was a French-Canadian flight attendant, who offered to help early scientific research into the origins of AIDS. An unfortunate series of events followed and he would be villified as Patient Zero, the man who gave us AIDS.”

Light in the Water


Light in the Water chronicles the birth and life of West Hollywood Aquatics Club, the first openly gay masters swim team. Founded to train for the inaugural Gay Olympic Games in 1982, the team is another lens through which to study LGBTQ history in America. Through archival footage and intimate interviews with members of the club… Light in the Water celebrates athletes that happen to be gay.


WIF Cable 10 opening shot