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Gayblevision | "for gay people, by gay people"

Gayblevision was Canada’s first TV series produced “by gay people for gay people”. It was broadcast on Vancouver Cable 10 through its West End Neighbourhood production centre (located in the West End Community Centre) between 1980 and 1986.  Gayblevision is a priceless window into Vancouver’s LGBTQ communities during years of tremendous growth and upheaval, documenting the LGTBQ people, organizations, businesses and events that defined Vancouver West End’s Davie Village in the early 1980s. The series aired monthly on the first and third Tuesday of the month. In addition to regular episodes, Gayblevision also produced a series of in-depth Specials.

All episodes, Specials, and much of the surviving raw footage is available for viewing here. You can casually browse the videos through the Episode Grid by clicking on “Browse All Videos” or choose to watch episodes by year of broadcast. See “Specials” and “Raw Footage” for more. “History” provides an in-depth look at the GBV – Gayblevision Society through writing, textual materials, and photographs. This section is under construction. Check back often to see what’s new.

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A Special Thank You to Gayblevision Alumni

This project could not have happened without Don Durrell’s gift of original video materials to VIVO Media Arts Centre in the early 1990s and Mary Anne McEwen’s bequest to us of her personal archive in 2011. Don Larventz has been a vital advocate for this project and has volunteered  countless hours to spread the word about this project and its importance to LGBT history.

We are also grateful for the help and support of Claude Hewitt, Ron Kearse,  and Lloyd Nicholson who have added valuable material and information covering the transition to Pacific Wave and the final years of Gayblevision.

Community Partners

VIVO is grateful for the significant support received from Irving K. Barber’s British Columbia History Digitization Program for the Gayblevision Legacy Project. The BC History Digitization program “promotes increased access to British Columbia’s historical resources by providing matching funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to our unique provincial historical material.” 

The Gayblevision Online Archive was developed through the extraordinary efforts of Recognizing the tremendous value of the project to the local community, generously pledged to match all donations made to the project up to $1500 and facilitated a pub-night fundraiser with their partners The Fountainhead Pub on Davie Street. In addition to its significant financial impact,’s coverage led to greater visibility for the project, attracted further partners, and connected VIVO with Gayblevision alumni whose oral histories will soon become an integral part of this online resource. .


Thank you to the TD Bank Group, and in particular the Pacific Region of their Charitable Giving department, who enthusiastically supported this project.

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Creative Partners

Special thanks to the artists who donated time and talent to The Gayblevision Legacy Project:

Sophia Ahamed
Julie Gendron
S.D. Holman


Thank you to Janine Fuller and Fred Lee who offered valuable advice and encouragement.