Doyon/Demers is an artistic duo formed in 1987 by Hélène Doyon and Jean-Pierre Demers. Both originally from Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, for several years they alternated between Quebec City and Montreal, where they have now settled. Their studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Banff Centre were decisive in their conception of art. They have been making participative  in situ and in socius works together since that time, such as L’agence d’enfouissement d’œuvres et d’œuvres d’art, an arts business dealing with artworks deemed by their makers to be surplus. Exploring cultural democracy, social aesthetics and augmented reality, Doyon/Demers takes an interdisciplinary approach by which several disciplines, artistic and otherwise, are put to use in carrying out a project. They thus work with multiple means of expression, on the boundary between art and life. For ORANGE they are presenting a sculpted work, plump and fragrant, entitled Prenez et mangez. This installation equates anthropophagy with the symbolic theophagy at work in Christian communion, that well-known ritual in which the priest eats the host, the “body of Christ”, and then distributes it to the deserving faithful.


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