nazanin oghanian

nazanin is a multidisciplinary artist, experimental filmmaker, and arts administrator. Her artistic practice emerges from critical reflection on concepts such as body, identity, gender, memory, politics, and the ongoing interplay between the individual and society. nazanin’s recent work explores power relations and the ways in which women’s bodies are controlled through the medicalization of their bodies and reproductive health. Working mostly with video, audio, and other sensory stimulative installations, she is interested in discrete components of the auditory, visual and gestural aspects of memory and control. She is a recipient of the BC Binning Memorial Fellowship, and her work has been exhibited across Iran and Canada including VIVO Media Arts, AHVA Gallery, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, and Morris And Helen Belkin Art Gallery.

Following the completion of her MFA in Visual Arts from UBC in 2020, nazanin has worked and collaborated with several not-for-profit art organizations in recent years, including Vancouver New Music, Western Front, VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver Art Gallery, and The Dance Centre.


Programs at VIVO: