Vítor Mazón Gardoqui

Vítor Mazón Gardoqui Through actions, objects and electronic devices – between – sound materiality and dislocated information, Mazon Gardoqui´s work questions perception, altered state and vulnerability through un/stable arrangements. His work materializes in three main fields: – actions or site-specific performances through experimental processes, – exhibitions in response to previous actions and collaborative processe, or – seminars in universities and cultural centres. Since 1999 Gardoqui has adopted experimental tactics and techniques of media agitation/intercession in his performances and mass media interventions that make use of sound, light and custom electronics. He graduated in Fine Arts (Lithography and Engraving) at the University of Basque Country (UPV-EHU) in 2008. His work has been performed and exhibited in museums, galleries, billboards, urban screens and public TV/radio stations in Africa, Russia, Nepal, North America, Canada Mexico and numerous other locations across Europe.


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