A message from Pietro, VIVO's Education Coordinator


Dearest VIVO Community,

Did you know I only work 3 days a week at VIVO? And yet, educational activities in 2019 were more intense than ever! If you like math, check out these fun totals:

  • 108 artist instructor fees were paid out
  • 455 participants attended 57 workshop sessions
  • Of the 57 sessions, 14 were exclusively for women and non-binary folks
  • Women artists led 40 of the 57 workshop sessions
  • 37 youth program dates went beyond our regular exhibitions and provided additional context for our artistic programs
  • Our podcasting mentorship brought together 8 young women artists with 5 women mentors
  • 6 high school students received credit hours towards graduation through work placements totalling 432 hours
  • 2 youth mentorship programs totalled 26 sessions and included 2 public presentations of the participant's works
  • Half the participants in VIVO’s Special Effects workshop for teens were girls

What were those 2 mentorships?

  • ALT+SPACE+CONTROL: Vancouver Housing Stories was a podcasting mentorship in which a team of 7 youth artists, guided by 6 mentors, produced a series of stories reflecting on Vancouver’s current moment of large-scale housing insecurity, receiving training in shaping stories, working with voices, recording and editing audio, and more.
  • Karaoke Video Pool where 3 mentors provided 42 high school media art students the technical and conceptual support to explore the notion of identity formation by collaboratively producing their own karaoke videos over 12 sessions.

I might only work here part-time, but VIVO is there full time in my heart and dreams. There's no place like it.

So three cheers to you individual donors who lift VIVO up so that these unique activities can be offered!

Please consider making a gift to VIVO. It’s easy to make one-time or monthly donations through our new online platform and your 2019 charitable tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately.

In addition to our educational programs, your donation makes a lasting impact on the production, dissemination, and preservation of media art.

Please help us fast forward to the good stuff in 2020

by donating today http://www.vivomediaarts.com/donate


Pietro Sammarco

Education Coordinator