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Friday, June 19, 2020
Friday, June 26, 2020

Focus your creative practice by organizing your agreements and finances, with the help of artist Stuart Ward.

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6 hours total over 2 sessions, online // $42, or $30 with any VIVO Producer Membership

Session 1: Fri, Jun 19, 1pm-4pm

Session 2: Fri, Jun 26, 1pm-4pm

BY DONATION for those facing reduced income due to COVID-19

All times are listed as Pacific Time


  • Participants must have a work to show & tell, to use as a starting point for the workshop exercises.
  • To join the workshop, download the free Zoom Desktop Client. Go to and click on the Download button under "Zoom Client for Meetings". It's best to have the most up-to-date version (Version 5.0.2).

If you're a new freelancer looking for help with the administrative requirements of your creative practice--estimates, proposals, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, budgets, invoices, expense tracking, scheduling--this workshop will give you a great introductory push-in-the-right-direction.

Stuart Ward is not an accountant, nor a lawyer--but he's a practicing artist and founder of a multidisciplinary team of artists and designers called HFour (, and he will answer your questions and guide group discussion clarifying how to implement these management tools and ideas to organize your professional creative practice, including video, photography, code, sound, and more.

Responding to participants’ needs, the format for this workshop will include a lot of open time for you to ask questions and work in groups to begin creating some of the admin tools & templates that are frequently used, with Stuart providing you assistance.

Each participant will present one of their works through a brief show & tell, to use as a starting point for the workshop exercises.

Not only will you waste less time fiddling with paperwork -- you'll also communicate more clearly with collaborators and clients, and have a better grasp of what you can make with your funds.

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Specializing in live video performance, exhibition, and projection mapping, Stuart Wardhas created installations for fashion shows, club nights, festivals and art spaces. His current artistic interests include 3D projection mapping and multi-sensory experience works, collaborating with musicians and other performers. In 2008, he founded Hfour, a multidisciplinary team of artists and designers who collaborate using video, light, code, architecture, and sound to create unique immersive installations for events, conferences, public spaces, festivals, and museums.

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