Collisions Festival: Invasive Systems

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Friday, November 8, 2019
Sunday, November 10, 2019

Invasive Systems is Curiosity Collider's three-day interactive festival exploring the influences of ecology, technology, & infrastructure on our inner and outer lives. The workshop, performances and installations that comprise the festival examine how we can understand our observations from both scientific and artistic perspectives -are these influences desirable, inevitable or preventable?

Picture this – a world where AI invades human creativity, bacteria invade our brains, and invisible technological signals penetrate all natural environments. Where invasive species from plants to humans transform spaces where they don’t belong, technology infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives, and the waste of human inventions ravages our natural environments.

That world is here, and the time is now. Can we recognize and better understand how these invasive systems transform or become part of our world? Through visual art, multimedia installations, and interactive experiences, join artists and scientists at “Collisions Festival: Invasive Systems” to explore the delicate and complicated nature of how both living and inanimate things redefine our lives and environments.

This weekend festival includes an art-science exhibition, a hands-on workshop (Sat, separate registration required), and guided discussions and tours by the curator (Sat/Sun). It will showcase collaborative works by three artist/scientist pairs, and independent works by six artists. Opening reception will be on Friday, November 8 starting at 7pm; curator’s remarks and performance by Edzi’u at 7:30pm and 9pm.

This festival is curated by Char Hoyt, Creative Director of Curiosity Collider

Artist/Scientist Collabs: Laara Cerman & Scott Pownall, Dzee Louise & Linda Horianopoulos, Kathryn Wadel & Garth Covernton

Participating Artists: Christian Dahlberg, Chris Dunnett, Edzi’u,  Twyla Exner, Joanne Hastie, Katrina Wong.

More information as well as ticket prices can be found on Curiosity Collider's website:

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Char Hoyt is a Vancouver-based professional artist and curator. She graduated from Emily Carr University in 1997 with a Diploma in Fine Arts and completed her BFA in 2019 with a Curatorial Minor. Around 2007 Hoyt discovered a love for science and has used her paintings to explore some of the deepest mysteries of modern physics. She has expanded and honed her project management skills in the local film industry working as a Production Designer and Art Director on various projects since 2011. In 2015, Hoyt gave a public talk about the merger of art and science in her work. This pivotal moment led to her role as a co-founder of the Vancouver-based non-profit Curiosity Collider Art-Science Foundation that same year.

As the lead curator and creative director for the Curiosity Collider, Hoyt enjoys challenging herself to create new experiences for diverse audiences that communicate her passion for the connections between the worlds of art and science.