Colour Correction

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Saturday, April 18, 2020
Sunday, April 26, 2020

In response to COVID-19, this workshop will take place over video conferencing (i.e., not in-person at VIVO). To join the online meeting, participants will be sent an invitation the morning of the first session. To ensure the fullest features during the video conference, Google Chrome is strongly recommended.

Push the emotional tone of your moving images or match footage shot on different cameras, in this workshop led by colourist Devan Scott.

Sign up:

12 hours total over 4 sessions online // $133, or $95 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)


  • It is also strongly suggested that participants use Google Chrome for the video conferencing call, available here:
  • Participants will be supplied the footage with which to work with beforehand, but are encouraged to bring their own footage as well.

This online workshop introduces you to the free colour correction software, Davinci Resolve, a powerful tool which compliments the Black Cinema Cameras available for rent at VIVO. Learn how to use Resolve through practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Topics covered:

  • Workflow, including efficient file management, importing footage from other editing programs to DaVinci Resolve, and conforming timelines
  • Colour theory & IRE levels
  • Primary & secondary correction, including contrast, HSL keys, and power windows
  • Curve Editor
  • Motion tracking
  • RAW imaging theory & processing
  • How to read waveforms and scopes
  • Grading VS correction
  • Sizing
  • Matching footage of various quality, shot on multiple cameras
  • Styles - how to give your footage various “looks”

This workshop is structured to give participants a week between sessions, in order to practice on their own and come up with questions.

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Devan Scott’s passion for visual storytelling has led to a portfolio of work as a director, cinematographer, and colourist that has been growing ever since.

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