Experimental Editing

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Thursday, September 5, 2019
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Inspiring techniques to stoke your editing process, with editor Will Ross.

Session 1: Thu, Sep 5, 2019 6pm—930pm
Session 2: Thu, Sep 12 6pm—930pm
Session 3: Thu, Sep 19, 2019 6pm—930pm

Creative editing allows you to form stunning work with the barest of resources!

This workshop is designed for those who already have a general understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere, but would like to use it in more diverse creative ways.

This hands-on workshop will enable you to be more spontaneous in the editing room, generating experiments by implementing colour palette, saturation, imageblending, contrast, rhythm, rapid cutting, graphic montage in novel and expressive ways.

You’ll be introduced to several examples of experimental editing and engage in group discussion about their effects and meanings.

After quickly conceptualizing and recording your own scene, you’ll cut your footage to test out various proposed theories and workflows, as well as your own editing ideas and improvisations.

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you’ll have shot and edited a short original work that demonstrates your editing experiments. Everyone’s scene will be shown in class for group discussion and reflection.

Prerequisite: Basic experience with Adobe Premiere or other non-linear editing system.

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Will Ross has been working in film and video since co-founding Sad Hill Media in 2009. His films have shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival, as well as TIFF, Moonrise, and Cinema Spectacular. Whether for his own projects or someone else’s, his work behind the camera and the keyboard is always focused on finding fresh, gripping new approaches to filmmaking. As well as on-set direction, Will participates in the screenwriting, shotlisting, editing, and sound design stages of the process. His collaborations are marked by responsive communication and craftsmanship that are tailored to the sensibilities of his clients and teams. In addition, he maintains a blog of critical work, and his reviews and video essays have been published by outlets such as Tiny Mix Tapes and MUBI Notebook.

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