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Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

To minimize the circulation of COVID-19, this event has been cancelled, and will be rescheduled at the soonest appropriate time.

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Tell interactive stories by designing game worlds with artist Jae Lew.

4 hours total // $26 or $17 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST), computers and software provided

One extended subsidy available for this workshop:

Prerequisite: Participants must bring a one-paragraph description outlining an idea for a game. Participants will use their description as a starting point for exercises undertaken during the workshop. The description can detail the theme of the game, the objective, or other information the could be useful in beginning to create the game. General computer literacy (e.g., saving files, facility with a mouse and keyboard) is also required.

Want to build your own role-playing game? Fascinated by video game worlds and characters, and want to try creating them yourself? This beginner workshop starts you on your journey.

You'll be introduced to Bitsy and Twine, two open source tools that are easy to grasp and let you dive deep into the capacity of computer games as a storytelling medium.  

You'll explore:

  • Mapping the geography your world
  • Developing the variables that propel your game's story, such as items collected, character met, obstacles encountered
  • Rendering your idea given the pixel-art simplicity of the game engine
  • Adding narrative text
  • Specifying events that mark the beginning and end of the game
  • Embedding other media, such as music

And you'll work through these challenges with other participants.

By the end of the workshop, you will output a game in HTML format, which can be played on any web browser.

And then, project your game for all to play at VIVO's annual party fundraiser -- BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer). Contact for more info. All are welcome to participate, and it's free!

Computer and software included.

Bring a USB memory stick or other external storage device if you want to take home your game. Or you can simply email it to yourself.

Intro to Game Making Samples:

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Jae Lew is an media artist and filmmaker currently residing in so-called Vancouver, BC (Unceded Coast Salish Territories). Their practice is situated at a place of visibility and invisibility; their work deals with spirituality, disability, gender and the absurdity of the constructs in which we live under. Jae is the founder of EMO (Experimental Media Outsiders) Collective, an experimental media and analog filmmaking artist collective. They are currently completing a degree in New Media and Sound Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

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