AIR: Nicolas Boone - Nothing Happening

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VIVO presents NOTHING HAPPENING, a three-hour live performance by French Artist in Residence Nicolas Boone, alongside LIQUIDATION, a retrospective exhibition of his video works. Both events are presented in conjunction with PAARC’s Swarm Festival of Artist Run Culture on Thursday September 8 from 7-10pm. The performance serves as a set for Boone’s next video production, to be presented with a live soundtrack by Philippe Pasquier on Wednesday September 21 during the LIVE International Performance Biennale Sept 15-25, hosted by VIVO. Two of Boone’s works, TRANSBUP and LA TRANSHUMANCE FANTASTIQUE will be presented by DIM Cinema at the Pacific Cinematheque on Monday September 19.

NOTHING HAPPENING is where the language of the construction site and the film set converge. NOTHING HAPPENING is organized chaos; a crowd of construction workers shares the stage with a concrete truck, steamroller, excavator, barricades, orange cones, and traffic control tape. NOTHING HAPPENING addresses the savage economic development that is steamrolling cultural spaces, bohemia and marginality to create a condo wonderland. It is a mirror reflecting our city’s relationship to territory, land, and frontiers of economic and political power. NOTHING HAPPENING is a video loop of hand shakes between City Hall, land speculators and private enterprises. NOTHING HAPPENING is an artist preaching upside down from a scissor lift over the deserted notion of revolution. NOTHING HAPPENING is a lack of resistance, the laisser-faire, a paralyzed will against a soundscape of generators, jackhammers and an invisible authority marching on our present and manufacturing our future by deleting our past. NOTHING HAPPENING is an opportunity to make space for something to happen.

Curated by Marie-Hélène Tessier

Thursday September 8, 7-10pm (Swarm) FREE
Monday September 19, 7:30pm ($9/$10.50+$3membership)
OFFSITE DIM Cinema at the Pacific Cinematheque 1131 Howe St.
NOTHING HAPPENING (Video Presentation) with Philippe Pasquier
Wednesday September 21, 8pm (0-10$)

NOTHING HAPPENING AND LIQUIDATION are co-presented by LIVE International Performance Biennale, DIM Cinema and the Pacific Cinematheque. Nicolas Boone’s Artist Residency and Exhibition is generously supported by the Consulate General of France in Vancouver and Institut Français. NOTHING HAPPENING is sponsored by Kerrisdale Equipment, Lafarge, Western One, A+B Tool Rentals, Rona and Home Depot. The installation of LIQUIDATION is generously supported by The Grunt Gallery and The Western Front.

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