Photoshop Retouching & Compositing

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Saturday, September 14, 2019
Saturday, September 14, 2019

Imagining it? Create it with VFX artist John Mutter.

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12 hours total over 3 sessions // $170, or $125 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sat, Sept 14, 1pm – 5pm
Session 2: Sat, Sept 21, 1pm – 5pm
Session 3: Sat, Sept 28, 1pm – 5pm

Prerequisite: Recommended for those with basic working knowledge of Photoshop, but keen beginners also welcome. General computer literacy (e.g., saving files, facility with a mouse and keyboard) is required.

One extended subsidy is available for this workshop:

This workshop focuses on developing correct techniques to mask and reveal different images, layers, and effects, providing students with the foundation needed to combine multiple photos, retouch portraits, and source and blenddifferent elements to create any image desired.

Students will also be introduced to a non-destructive workflow that preserves the original image, making it effortless to create multiple versions or quickly reverse any modifications made to source imagery.

By engaging in hands-on practice, students will understand how Photoshop works, allowing them to create powerful portraits, band photos, fashion photographs, landscapes, etc.

With these skills students will feel confident when:

  • combining and colour-correcting multiple images into a final composite
  • retouching portraits
  • accentuating or warping features of a face or scene
  • “relighting” figures
  • removing or adding blemishes and wrinkles
  • adding effects such as fire, smoke, or sparks.

Bring a portable hard drive or USB thumb drive for exercise files, and to take home the images you create. Computer with Photoshop is provided with registration.

Being able to retouch photos is an essential skill for any media artist. With these skills, you can certainly make interesting visual effects — but you’ll also be able to improve any image.

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John Mutter is a Vancouver-based artist, photographer, director, producer, VFX compositor, music composer and performer.  He studied visual art at the University of British Columbia and The School of Visual Arts in New York city.  He currently works as a senior visual effects compositor creating work for Disney, Marvel, and Netflix. He has directed music videos for Sub Pop, been nominated for multiple Leo Awards, and exhibited photo and video work internationally in critically acclaimed solo and group shows.

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