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Thursday, November 1, 2012
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Audiences will have the opportunity to interact with a new 3D platform designed at VIVO Media Arts Centre by artist Brady Marks. Marks – sonic designer, programmer, and innovator, with degrees in Computer Science and Interactive Arts and Technology – designed the “POV”: Persistence-Of-Vision Volumetric Display.

“Not since the 19th century experiments with the Zoetrope[1] have artists advanced animated 3D imagery,” says Marks, who is scathingly dismissive of today’s 3D cinema which she suggests “has largely failed to add a significant point of view. Now, at VIVO, we have built a pure 3D display that builds on that early legacy of the Zoetrope.”

Also known as a “magic lantern”, the Zoetrope is a metal cylinder with evenly spaced vertical slits cut into it. A series of still images recording the movement of an animal, for instance, lines the inside of the drum. When the cylinder, mounted on a spindle, is spun, the illusion of animated movement is created for the viewer.

Like the Zoetrope, VIVO’s POV is also cylindrical. A vertical bank of LEDs replace photographs, and an electric motor spins the POV at the high speeds necessary to create the illusion of 3D. Unlike the Zoetrope, the image can be viewed from all sides. As the viewer walks around the cylinder they will experience all aspects of the 3D image.

Marks and four other artists – Jesse Scott, Matt Parker, and collaborators Dan Leonard and Ashlee Luk – have been commissioned by VIVO to create new artworks for the inaugural exhibition of this experimental technology.

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***Please note that this exhibition contains flickering lights***

[1] Étienne-Jules Mare, Sculptures of birds in flight mounted in a microscope, 1887.

Points of Vision >> Beyond the 2nd Dimension and the POV project have been generously supported by a BC Arts Council Innovations Grant.


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