Projection Mapping

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Friday, January 31, 2020
Saturday, February 1, 2020

Create wild new perspectives by mapping your videos onto any surface with artist Stuart Ward.

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9 hours total over 2 sessions // $143, or $100 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Fri, Jan 31, 2020 3pm—6pm

Session 2: Sat, Feb 1, 2020 12pm—6pm

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This workshop also takes place at the end of February:

Prerequisite: General computer literacy (e.g., saving files, facility with a mouse and keyboard).

This workshop introduces you to projection mapping, allowing you to map your video content onto any architectural surface in the real world, even if it’s not flat! With projection mapping you can project a new skin onto common objects of any 3D shape, deconstructing and redefining them to create wild new perspectives for live performance or interactive installations.  

Learn different concepts and techniques through demonstration and hands-on application by doing exercises. Understand the challenges of different surface geometries and materials. Technical considerations will also be covered, including projector operation, outputting video from a Mac computer, media resolution, and editing using a simple media editor. As a group, the class will go through a series of instructions on basic use of software for the creation of dynamic video art, VJing, and projection mapping, including Modul8 and MadMapper.

Expand your video ideas beyond the flat screen while transforming your visual environment!

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Specializing in live video performance, exhibition, and projection mapping, Stuart Wardhas created installations for fashion shows, club nights, festivals and art spaces. His current artistic interests include 3D projection mapping and multi-sensory experience works, collaborating with musicians and other performers. In 2008, he founded Hfour, a multidisciplinary team of artists and designers who collaborate using video, light, code, architecture, and sound to create unique immersive installations for events, conferences, public spaces, festivals, and museums.

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