Sound Design with Alexandre Klinke

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Learn how to create richly textured audio elements with composer and sound designer Alexandre Klinke.

In this introductory workshop, students will get to create different sound effects for film, video and multimedia as well as creating custom virtual instruments for music production. The course will be based on Ableton Live, a flexible and sophisticated digital audio workstation, and powerful free plugin synthesizers such as Synth1 and TyrellN6. Learn the basics of audio synthesis, sampling and effects.

Topics covered:

  • Sound design main tools overview: synthesizers, samplers, audio effects. Manipulation of audio files using Live’s “warping” engine.
  • Sound synthesis basic theory and practical examples through specific exercises. Incorporating audio and MIDI effects to virtual instruments.
  • Manipulating sounds with samplers. Sound libraries and field recording.

By the end of the course each student will have created a number of sound effects and synth patches to incorporate into their own personal sound library.

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Alexandre Klinke is a Brazilian music composer, performer, and sound designer for film & TV, based in Vancouver, Canada. With background as a jazz and classical guitarist, his work as a composer reflects an eclectic style that ranges from orchestral to electronic, jazz and rock. As a solo artist, he is heavily inspired by the harmonies and intricate rhythms from Brazilian music. He is also an Instructor at the Digital Music Production Program at Langara College, in Vancouver.

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