Video Communication: Art & Technology between Canada & Japan, 1967-1985

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Video Communication: Art and Technology between Canada and Japan, 1967 -1985
Series Introduction & Interviews

A three-part series curated by Jesse Cumming

October 27 - December 15, 2020


Video Communication: Art and Technology between Canada and Japan, 1967 -1985, explores the rich history of influence and exchange between Japan and Canada in the early, exploratory years of video. Intended as a prelude and supplementary program to a future in-house archival exhibit, this series of online programs explore topics of mixed-media experiments and community journalism and video activism. Each video program will highlight little-seen work and classics by both Japanese and Canadian practitioners, tracing a history of mutual influence and emphasizing important collaborations.

Previews of the upcoming screenings are now online.


Part One: Interviews
October 27 - December 15

This three-part series launches October 27th with short interviews with Michael Goldberg, co-founder of the Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO) and facilitator of some of the earliest exchanges between Canadian and Japanese video artists; Moira Simpson and Liz Walker, both filmmakers, Metro Media producers, and co-founders of the Vancouver feminist film collective, ISIS Women & Film; and Mihato Taura, videomaker and co-founder (with Ko Nakajima) of Video Earth Tokyo collective (est 1971). The interviews will be accessible for the duration of the series.

Part Two: Intermedia (online video event)
November 24 - December 1

Intermedia is the first of two video screenings. Featuring videos by Michael Goldberg, Video Inn, Tatsuo Kawaguchi, Saburo Muraoka, and Keiji Uematsu, CTG (Computer Technique Group), and Video Information Center, Intermedia will be streamed to a worldwide audience for one week, 24 hours a day.

In each of the selected works the new capabilities of the technology appear at the fore. Whether connected by shared conceptual grounding, by subject matter, or by physical travel and exchange, through the examination of explorations in Intermedia between Japan and Canada what emerges is a shared sense of exploration and excitement.” –Cumming

Part Three: Vox Populi (online video event)
December 8 - December 15

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