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Thursday, September 12, 2013
Thursday, October 24, 2013

VIDEOGRAPHICS  is a major exhibition of rare and amazing posters & graphics spanning 40 years.
This homage recalls the original posterwall created by Michael Goldberg in 1973 at 261, Powell Street, the homebase for Video Inn (The Satellite Video Exchange Society) from 1973 to ’86. These were the years of the organization’s development into a leading center of independent media and video art. Paul Wong was one of the founding members and a mentee of Michael Goldberg, whose influence on the social, political and aesthetic directions of what would become VIVO Media Arts Centre was crucial.

To celebrate VIVO’s 40th anniversary Wong has delved deeply into the Crista Dahl archives to produce and present a privileged glimpse into the extraordinary collection of posters that have been accumulating from the very beginning. The installation will also include a small selection of complementary videoworks .

VIDEOGRAPHICS is a first helical scan of VIVO posters and graphics, a process of recording and creating digital memory. Far from nostalgically rewinding and pausing on the past, this mixed media installation conveys the traces left by the analog era in its transition to the digital world. Touching, smelling, reframing, zooming in and out of the printed paper surfaces allows the emergence of their stories as well as the first questions about their preservation.

* Image: Global Village Gallery Poster (ca 1974)

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