Crista Dahl

Born in Seattle in 1934 Crista Dahl describes this retrospective as inclusive of some sixty-five years of creative practice. Continually stymied by political and domestic conditions, Dahl’s pursuit of art training has followed innovative and experimental trajectories—from running an artist gallery/jazz coffee house in Seattle in 1963, to her beatnik life in San Francisco. Living in Haight-Ashbury in the mid 60’s had an enduring influence on Dahl’s life-work, as did her discovery of Will and Ariel Durant’s The Story of Civilization in the Powell River Library near Lund, where she was sheltering her sons from Vietnam War service in 1968. After moving to Vancouver in 1971 Dahl became an enthusiastic and committed member of some of this city’s most celebrated collectives and histories including the Intermedia Society, Little Hot Stove League, the Matrix International Video Exchange Conference, the New Era Social Club, the Satellite Video Exchange Society, Disasteroids, and more. Dahl’s insights into art and art teaching were supported by numerous grants and her Life Rhythm Project was presented at Simon Fraser University, Surrey Art Centre, Burnaby Art Gallery and University of British Columbia, among others. Today, Crista Dahl serves as a tireless and visionary volunteer archivist and Chairperson of the VIVO Board of Directors.


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