CROCK POT HOT DOG: Weekend Leisure Karaoke Fundraiser for VIVO

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Friday, July 13, 2018
Friday, July 13, 2018

The summer fundraising party you’ve been dreaming of: come celebrate Weekend Leisure’s new website, sing karaoke, hit a ping pong ball, play ancient video games–all while eating surprise snacks!

Fri July 13, 7pm – 2am

Entrance by donation (suggested $10, but no one turned away for lack of funds)

All proceeds go towards VIVO’s operating costs


Local karaoke dealers Weekend Leisure have finally revamped their website! Come watch selections from their public access TV episodes, karaoke videos, and other picks that’ll make you cry with joy, laugh nervously, and/or stare blankly with delightful bemusement.

Then, A PARTY:

  • SING karaoke with your pal, selecting from a catalogue of over 7 bajillion songs!
  • CHALLENGE your enemy to a ping pong match and learn something new about yourself!
  • WIN new high scores on old video games from VIVO’s archive (may include NES, SEGA, ATARI, INTELLIVISION, a RARE JAPANESE CONSOLE, and/or whatever else proves to be in working condition)!
  • DEVOUR Classic Canadian-Cafeteria surprise snackz!
  • DRINK responsibly

Remember: this is FUNDRAISER! Bring your loonies and toonies!

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After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art & Design’s Integrated Media program in 2004, Weekend Leisure’s members — Curtis Grahauer, Christy Nyiri, Erich Gerl, and Pietro Sammarco — initially came together to satisfy their mutual desire to craft karaoke videos. Bringing together their respective backgrounds in media art, design, music, and performance art, the group’s repertoire explored video culture through a variety of conventions and formats. Weekend Leisure largely draws inspiration from Vancouver’s gentrified cityscape and the “natural beauty” touted by tourism markets, the enthusiastic do-it-yourself spirit that public access television manages to build through its limitations, and the endearing pretensions found in karaoke videos.

Weekend Leisure screened videos at alternative comedy nights in Vancouver, collaborating with local comedy groups, exhibiting works in contemporary art centres, and hosting a weekly karaoke night at local pubs. The group produced a monthly public access television show that aired on the Novus Network, ten half-hour episodes in all. They co-produced Steel Viper Force, an over-the-top action comedy movie. They’ve hosted karaoke events for the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Public Library, PuSh Fest, Fringe, and the Jazz Fest, as well as events in Seattle and Portland.

About the 

Pietro Sammarco records bands, produces music and sound for film, DJ’s karaoke, and is co-editor of Spoox Audiozine. He graduated from the School of Communication Master’s program at Simon Fraser University, combining the fields of soundscape composition and media education. Currently Education Coordinator at VIVO, Pietro has also served as a director with The Safe Amplification Site Society, a non-profit venue dedicated to music for people of all ages; was a member of local performance art group Norma; played in Balinese-style orchestra Gamelan Bike Bike; toured extensively as trombonist with They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?; and was Resident Audio Expert with the VPL Inspiration Lab. He completed the Audio Engineer Work-Study program at the Banff Centre, and holds a Bachelor’s in Media Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.